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Why Outcrowd?

We want to take you to exciting places, give you new stories to tell. Because it is precisely in moments like this that we need them even more.

That's why we created Outcrowd.

Maximum transparency

We will always show you all the information for what it is, to give you the best tools for your next choice.

Italy in a local dimension

On our website you can find more than 100 villages. The culture of a place also passes through the smallest realities.

Choose the best moment

With our Outcrowd indicator on Italian tourist flows and weather data you can decide what will be the best time for you to visit the chosen place.

Move consciously

Check the number of tourists per resident or per km2. You will have all the information for your next destination.

A destination for all tastes

With the information dedicated to food and wine we try to satisfy all tastes, even the most difficult ones. The“ top taste ”and“ top wine ”destinations await you in the explore section.


We aggregate as much information as possible for all the destinations on our website. Play with the explore section and choose your next destination.

One category to group them all

Whether you are a lover of the mountains or the sea, whether you are looking for relax in the thermal areas, whether you are an art lover or looking for the sweetness of a lake, our destinations are grouped into different categories.

Outcrowd. Go further. Go anywhere.