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Outcrowd was born at the end of 2019 to contain overtourism. Today the scenario has changed quickly, and new challenges await us.

This is why our focus has never changed. Because we still want, and today more than ever, to let you explore alternative and less crowded destinations.

What is overtourism?

Overtourism describes the negative impact of excess tourism on a destination: too many people visit a destination, impoverishing the quality of life of the locals and the traveler's experience.

Where does overtourism come from?

Venice is the first city in the world to have experienced the effects of overtourism. In the last 60 years the number of tourist arrivals has increased by 600%, while the residents of the historic center have decreased by 75%.

Choose your next destination

Outcrowd was created to inspire you and give you information to choose your next destination. On our site there are more than 500 alternative destinations, visit our page Explore.

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